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ZkSync outperforms Polygon in complete worth locked

ZkSync outperforms Polygon in complete worth locked
  • ZkSync has outperformed Polygon when it comes to TVL over the previous few weeks.
  • For the reason that launch of zkSync’s Period and Polygon’s zkEVM, the zkSync ecosystem has grown quickly.
  • Crypto information library Messari tweeted that zkSync holds a TVL of practically $200 million.

Current studies have revealed that the Ethereum growth platform zkSync Ecosystem has grown quickly over the previous few weeks, particularly after the launch of zkSync’s Layer 2 scaling protocol, Period, on March 24. . Juxtaposing zkSync with the Polygon blockchain platform which just lately launched the equal EVM zkEVM, one might analyze that the previous outperformed the latter, when it comes to TVL.

Crypto market intelligence platform Messari shared a Twitter thread on its official platform updating its 313,000 followers on the wonderful efficiency of the zkSync ecosystem “within the few weeks for the reason that launch of zkSync period”:

Explaining intimately, Messari stated that “on the finish of Q1, zkSync had practically $200 million in TVL in its ecosystem, whereas Polygon’s zkEVM had comparatively little adoption.”

The Crypto Knowledge Library has additionally integrated a chart, illustrating the full worth locked (TVL) of zkSync Period and Polygon zkEVM, extracting particulars offered by DeFi TVL aggregator DeFiLlama. The graph explicitly exhibits that not like the polygon which strikes slowly, ZkSync goes up drastically.

TVL from zkSync and Polygon
TVL from zkSync and Polygon

In keeping with CoinMarketCap, the principle distinction between the 2 chains is that “zkSync Period is EVM suitable whereas Polygon zkEVM is equal to EVM’, which might have totally different efficiency impacts. Whereas zkSync’s TVL has grown considerably since Period’s launch, reaching $200 million, Polygon’s TVL has stagnated at a charge of practically $2.2 million.


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